What can I do? Create your token without writing code

Custom tokens creation allows any business to issue its own branded digital currency on the blockchain to pay for goods and services within its project.
The role of the token is determined by the nature of each individual project and can be integrated into it not only as an internal currency but also as a token for decentralised voting, as a rating system, or loyalty program.

Micro Payments

Voting System

Voucher / Coupon

Art Ownership

Loyalty Program


B2B Payments

Gift Cards

Anything else people may need

Benefits Custom Token Key Advantages



The Custom Token service supports Ethereum blockchain and takes advantage of its security by design.



Noku Custom Token is created on the blockchain and therefore there is no centralized control. Everyone can check all the transactions.


Easy UI

No background software, no coding skills needed: Custom Token is the most easy-to-use tool to create, deploy and manage an ERC20.

Features Custom Token Advanced Features

Token design

Create the best Custom Token choosing its name, ticker and logo: the simplest way to brand your assets.

Mint, burn and transfer

Depending on your business needs, you can increase, decrease and transfer your branded tokens in an easy and secure way.


Exploit the functionalities of our Elegant Token Management System. Easily arrange token settings and holders.

Pricing Where can I Buy?

To create your Custom Token you will need to have enough Noku to pay for the Service plus the Ethereum Needed to run the transaction on the network (gas).

You can buy Noku tokens on recommended exchanges like The Rock Trading.

You can also use our new Swap Service (ETH/NOKU) to get Noku directly from our Platform.

Service Fee For 1 Token creation
1 ETH (To be paid in NOKU)
plus gas in ETH
Custom Label

Numbers How many people have chosen Noku?

Noku accounts
Tokens generated

No-banks society

We focus on creating products and services that help people to save, spend and invest value in the “real” world, while still enjoying the advantages of crypto technologies.

Some of the Noku ecosystem services are free (like the web wallet and app wallet). Other services (like creating tokens or white labelling a wallet) require payment. All fees are payed with the Noku Master Token.

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